Join online FAQ

How can I get membership card and certificates after payment?

Marco Polo Elite has adapted to digitalisation, membership card and certificates are all in digital form on Marco Polo Elite mobile App. Please follow below steps to acquire your membership card and e-certificates.
  1. After payment, you will receive a Marco Polo Elite welcome email with membership activation code. You can download the App via the link in the welcome email.
  2. The App will request your precise location, you can either press “ALLOW” or “DENY”. Please press “ALLOW” as this enable you to receive special offers and access to the hotels nearby to your location.
  3. You can enjoy your membership benefits after activation.
  4. Please call +852 2312 6958 if you request any support on Mobile App downloading and activation.

What should I do if I didn’t receive any email after payment?

If you haven’t receive any e-mail within 30 minutes after payment, please call our member service team at +852 2312 6958 or send an email to

What kind of benefits I can enjoy when I become a Marco Polo Elite member?

You can enjoy the benefits and certificates at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and Gateway Hotel. Please click the following link for more details (

Which hotel I can enjoy the membership benefits when I become a Marco Polo Elite member?

You can enjoy the benefits at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and Gateway Hotel. Once you join the membership, you can easily check the participating hotels and outlets through the Mobile App, and accommodation reservation can be made through the App easily while restaurant reservation can be made through direct calling.

How could I transfer my Transferable e-certificates to family or friends?

You can take a screenshot of the e-certificate and send it to your friend. All certificate code can only be redeemed once, so make sure you don’t send the same certificate to more than one person. For all non-transferable certificates, hotel staff will check your membership card upon use, to verify your identity.

What’s the period of validity for my membership? When will be the beginning valid date of my membership?

Your membership valid from the date you purchased and it is valid for one year.

What happens if a Member loses their phone?

Member can re-download the Marco Polo Elite App and use the same activation code as stated in the welcome email. All usage data record will be uploaded to the new device, so the member will not lose any e-certificate privileges.

How many time can I download the Mobile App onto my devices, is there any limitation?

You can download the Mobile App multiple times. However, the Mobile App can only be activated in one device at any given time. Each new download will de-activate the previous version of the Mobile App and only the unused membership e-certificates will be shown on the new version. It will take 24 hours to re-activate your App.

What is CLUBHOTEL membership? What is the period of validity for my CLUBHOTEL membership?

CLUBHOTEL is a global network of four and five-star hotels, providing common benefits and recognition to a worldwide membership base. CLUBHOTEL benefits are offered at over 500 luxurious hotels around the world! For more information, please refer to Members shall maintain sole discretion to decide whether they want to join the CLUBHOTEL network. Your CLUBHOTEL membership is complementary and will valid from the date you purchased and is valid for one year, same as your Marco Polo Elite Membership.